Bingo Etiquette

As you’ll know if you play online bingo with any of the top operators, every casino game has a set of rules, and regulations, and the land-based bingo halls are no exception. Here are some pearls of wisdom when it comes to the etiquette of the game of bingo.

The first rule that you need to learn is what to do when you win. It’s always better to check the rules in your local bingo hall, but generally, if you believe you have won then you should shout the words ‘Bingo’ at the top of your voice.

A member of the Bingo hall team – usually referred to as a floorwalker – will walk over to your seat and check your numbers. If you get it wrong don’t worry too much. This happens from time to time, so if it happens to you don’t let it be the end of the world. Just apologise and learn to be more thorough next time.

Another great tip to remember is to be as quiet as possible once the caller gets down to business. Pretend you are in a library and you won’t go far wrong. Bingo players are a very sociable bunch, but they don’t take too kindly to a loose tongue once the action gets underway.

If the bingo hall is an unfamiliar one to you, and someone tells you that you are in their seat, it’s best to give it up and find an alternative pew. Some bingo players can be very superstitious, and having a lucky seat is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you thought that etiquette is nothing but hot air, then consider the case of 18 year old Austin Whaley, who was barred from uttering the word ‘bingo’ for six months by a judge in Kentucky, after the young man upset a group of regular bingo players when he mischievously called out ‘bingo,’ whilst working as a security guard at a bingo hall in Covington.

Last Updated 21 September 2014
Bingo Etiquette